adnsrblcheck – RBL check via ADNS

adnsrblcheck is a DNSBL check tool that I wrote sometime in 1999. At the time I had come across the ADNS resolver library and I wanted to try it out. So I grabbed a copy of rblcheck (then at version 1.4) and modified it to use ADNS instead of the standard resolver library.

Some time in 2003 Stephen Friedl grabbed adnsrblcheck.c, did his own modifications and released it back as arblcheck. He even provides a Windows port.

In December 2008, and while I was supposed to be performing ns2 simulations, I was struck by a severe case of structured procrastination which led to me picking up the tool again and doing some minor modifications. Eventually I pulled myself together, dealt with the deadlines and (almost) forgot about the tool. That is until today: adnsrblcheck, a DNSBL check tool using ADNS, is available again and you can grab it via subversion from here:

svn checkout

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