tunnelbroker.net and DragonFlyBSD

If you want to use your tunnelbroker.net interface with a DragonFlyBSD endpoint, the commands are similar to those for FreeBSD:

ifconfig gif0 create
gifconfig gif0 inet Client_IPv4_address Server_IPv4_address
ifconfig gif0 inet6 Client_IPv6_address Server_IPv6_addrees prefixlen 128
route -n add -inet6 default Server_IPv6_address
ifconfig gif0 up

Tested with DragonFlyBSD 2.4.1

7 thoughts on “tunnelbroker.net and DragonFlyBSD

  1. In FreeBSD this also works in /etc/rc.conf

    gifconfig_gif0=”Client_IPv4_address Server_IPv4_address”
    ipv6_ifconfig_gif0=”Client_IPv6_address Server_IPv6_addrees”

    1. I am tempted to say mine but then I would contradict myself :)

      Anyway, I am thinking of implementing an OpenVPN solution, similar to Teredo.

      BTW, doesn’t your NOC have an IPv6 feed with GRNET?

      1. Teredo seems cool. I’m itching to play the new game but our (in the associative sense not the possesive) KISS network policy means IPv6 is blocked at the edge.

        1. Not really. IPv6 is NOT blocked, we do have an IPv6 link with GRNeT, but still we haven’t experiment with ipv6 internally (production network etc). What is blocked is the 6to4 channels.

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