The last few days I am experiencing connection problems and when at home I am on 33600bps doing mostly work related stuff. I have come to appreciate alpine even more.

Broadband has spoiled me.

4 thoughts on “at&c0s0=1

  1. Best email client ever for IMAP i think. If only it could be used in order to show the new emails in shared folders, so that I could know where to check for new mails.

    [Perhaps, there is a patch, or they have added this functionality lately, since I haven’t seen for quite some time the changes. I’m using Thunderbird for the above reason]

      1. The problem is that we use a lot of shared folders, and i want also the capability of incoming folder collections to the “shared folders” part, without having to add by hand all the shared folders in the configuration.
        (Specially if i change subscriptions to the shared folders i have to keep it in sync).

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