Studies in the Economics of Transportation

While reading Nagurney‘s Comment on Catching the Network Science Bug, I was fascinated that “Studies in the Economics of Transportation”, which was written in 1956 was mentioned. After all, Network Science is supposed to be “newer” than that.

For anyone interested the book is available from the RAND classics section. A more readable PDF is located here.

I will not claim that I have given the book anything more than a brief look. However I read A Retrospective on Beckmann, McGuire and Winsten’s Studies in the Economics of Transportation.

This was not the first time that I saw this book being cited: It is also cited in Preface to “On a Paradox of Traffic Planning” (a preface to the English translation of Braess‘s On a Paradox of Traffic Planning which introduces Braess’s Paradox).

Sometimes the titles stick to your head, I guess.

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