“You’re into computers, right?”

– You’re into computers, right?
– Right.
– I’ve got this page on Facebook and this guy that I had as a friend, but now I do not and …

First when someone was “into computers” people thought that meant free porn downloads. Then they thought it meant free Microsoft Word support (as I was told once What the hell did you spend 5 years for in the University and you do not know Word?) and now it means Facebook support.

In between it has always meant free support anytime, anyplace for everyone and for every crappy piece of software ever imagined.

I guess next time I will not be into computers.

6 thoughts on ““You’re into computers, right?”

  1. Well look at the bright side of it. You no longer have people bugging you about free porn … do you? :-p

  2. @mperedim:
    Yes, people have stopped asking me about free porn, mp3 songs and movies. There has been a shift in the questions, probably due to the social networking platforms’ success. “In the old days” the questions were more of a technical nature or a “download this” request. Nowadays, they are more of a sociological nature.

  3. People asked you to download stuff because you had more bandwidth & knew of better ways to find stuff. Now everyone has bandwidth and can google, so not anymore.

    People asked you to find free pr0n because you could find it and they couldn’t. Now free pr0n is everywhere, so not anymore.

    Unfortunately, this train of thought gets stuck in the ‘facebook’ part. As you mentioned, the problem is not technical anymore, so the best answer would be: “I make facebook work, whatever you do with it is your problem. Go ask a sociologist, or a psychologist.”

  4. Πάντως Γιώργο το ενοχλητικό “να σου κάνω μια ερώτηση…” δεν αφορά μόνο τους κομπιουτεράδες. Το έχω ακούσει (και, ομολογώ, το έχω κάνει και ο ίδιος –λίγες φορές όμως) σε γνωστούς λογιστές, γιατρούς, δικηγόρους κ.α.

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