Users circumvent control

People don’t want to be disciplined and structured when writing programs. They are ingenious in finding ways to circumvent any kind of externally imposed control.”*

While the above quote was written for people who were writing macros in spreadsheets instead of writing code, the highlighted part of the quote can equally be applied to any userbase that is required to follow a security policy. Because first and foremost users want to get their job done (even if they believe that part of their job is playing Solitaire).

[*] – When is a picture a program?

[†] – And one could add that this article predicts the emergence of the species of key punchers who thought they were programmers because they wrote lines in Visual Basic. For the article continues: “No sooner had we invented structured programming and software engineering than someone countered with the invention of spreadsheets. Spreadsheet users were not programmers, and what these users were doing was not programming. So naturally the rules didn’t apply to them- right?”

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