Plato’s Republic

A friend suggested that I could use The Book Depository as an Amazon alternative, which was a very helpful tip especially for books over €50. As it happens to many who buy books from online bookstores, sometimes what you get is not what you ordered. In my case I had ordered “The Travelling Salesman Problem” and got “Plato’s Republic“. After some friction with their support service (Amazon is way better in this kind of issues) the order was completed and The Book Depository told me that I could keep “Plato’s Republic” too.

Now since it is highly unlikely that I will ever find time to read this version, I will gladly send it to anyone interested. If nobody shows any interest, I will donate it to a library.

9 thoughts on “Plato’s Republic

  1. Never happened to me. I find them excellent. About 30 orders so far and they reach my door (Athens) in 5 days, tops. Usually I order during the weekend and I have the books by Thursday-Friday, to enjoy during the next weekend :)

    While we’re at it, an alternative to high-priced branded laptops. These guys are great. Already got four for friends and family. Of course, this helps too – 25% down since last year.

    1. Of the three books that survey the TSP I own two (the first one by Lenstra is both old and expensive). I bought both from The Book Depository (and payed via PayPal).

        1. Impressive!

          (I have to admit that I do not remember which of the two I’ve used for my purchases, although I know I’ve used both options.)

  2. One of the main arguments in Plato’s (ideal) Republic, is introduced through the principle of specialization. Actually, that’s an excuse for not granting an off-topic tag to this comment, but these sites do not meddle in any other business, therefore keeping the “just” amount of change in our wallets.

    BookButler – Book Price Comparison (UK-DE-FR-NL-ES)

    CineButler – Price comparison for DVDs (UK-DE)

    Bookprice24- Price comparison for new and used books (UK)

    Find DVD – Compare DVD prices (UK)

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