5 thoughts on “Ubuntu Netbook Remix

  1. But why netboot remix?? I think i prefer the plain good ubuntu desktop.

    1. The A110L is limited hardware and Ubuntu Netbook Remix is optimized to run on such machines. At least it feels like it runs better.

      It really does not matter, since installing Jollicloud is a weekend away.

      1. Jolicloud?? Why a new OS?? These days in order to change from something that feels cosy and familiar (at least for me this means it has a command line with a shell that i know) i must have at least 3 good reasons.

        1. I am a compulsive formatter and a system administrator. I have to install (and multiple times) many operating systems and distributions. I find quirks, peculiarities, maybe bugs and the rationale for certain architectural decisions this way. I do not just click-click-install.

          1. And probably you also have stable desktop system that works, so you can play arround with everything else. ;) Unfortunately for the time being my aspire one is also my main system :(

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