XandrOS presto

I have been a XandrOS user ever since their first released version of desktop Linux. The reason that I stopped using XandrOS 4 was that I could not compile ns2-2.31 on it (which meant switching to Ubuntu and later to Debian/Etch; this desktop now runs OpenBSD). So when XandrOS emailed me an offer to install Presto, I gladly did.

If there is one way for Linux to conquer the desktop, distributions like Presto are the way to go. If most of the time that you use your computer you browse the web why not use an operating system that boots faster (11 seconds on my HP 530 laptop) and consumes less energy while at the same time your documents are accessible? Everyone seems to be riding the green computing wave and judging from my laptop’s battery, Presto is greener than Vista. Plus their email support is exceptional and they follow back when they haven’t heard from you for a day or two.

Presto installs as a three-click (next, next, install) application from within Windows. I can’t wait for a standalone installer for my Aspire One A110L.

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