twitter for file sharing?

The thought occurred to me while reading Matt Welsh’s criticism on how Project Graffiti conducted their experiment. I think it is possible to share files over twitter and I will sketch the concept bellow:

  1. Create N accounts on twitter.
  2. uuencode the file in question so that we have to deal only with printable characters. Optionally encrypt it first.
  3. Pick randomly the account that will tweet first.
  4. tweet the first line of the file.
  5. Use a hash function (like SuperFastHash) and hash the line. That way you will get the next account to tweet the file contents.
  6. The next account replies to the previously tweeted line. The reply contains the next line.
  7. Repeat hashing and replies until the whole file is tweeted.

When the process is finished you end up with a string of replies that if put together contain the (uuencoded) contents of the original file.

Yes, this is neither practical nor distributed file sharing, but in a way it is hiding obscuring information in plain sight.

2 thoughts on “twitter for file sharing?

  1. This idea was not meant to “compete” with TPB. Rather, it was a concept similar to using DNS caches (and TXT resource records) to share CD-ROM images.

    This kind of file sharing is “pass by value” instead of “pass by reference”.

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