re: Applications Meme

I got tagged from kargig. Let’s see the Q and A:

  1. Which desktop manager do you use more often ?


  2. Which desktop application you would not like to see implemented again on linux? And why?

    Something that tries to offer the functionality of, and even more troubles than, Microsoft Exchange. Not a desktop application, but this is what I do not want to see again.

  3. Which desktop application you definitely would like to see implemented on linux? Describe it briefly or point out to a similar application.

    Microsoft Excel. The original one.

  4. Write the name of the last project (not the very best, the last!) that made you wish to thank their developers so you can thank them now!

    I donated to OpenSMTPd. I now publically thank the developer.

  5. (Optional) Link the blogs of 1-3 people you’d like to take part to this meme. (no more than three). you can skip this question if you like.

    I tag Panagiotis, Hermes and Vaggelis.


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