The bat book, 4th edition

I just bought a PDF version of the fourth edition of the “bat book“. At 1310 pages, it makes sense. Plus I get to carry it around with my laptop.

2 thoughts on “The bat book, 4th edition

  1. I was administering an Exchange installation for 11 months. Anyone with reasonable sendmail experience can click his way through Exchange (or any other mail server for that matter). But to have an Exchange installation only to support SMTP / POP3 / IMAP and Webmail is totally overkill. Especially if you do it “the Greek way”, ie. one administrator, one server, and this server being the domain controller, the web server and the Exchange server (and possibly also running an instance of MS SQL Server).

    OTOH, if you wish to do more stuff, like Calendar integration, synchronizing with a variety of devices (mobile phones, PDAs for example) and writing custom applications that make full use of the capabilities it provides, it is a powerful tool. Which of course to work reasonably well, needs a lot of hardware and a team of administrators.

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