smrsh and Debian sendmail

If you run sendmail from the Debian (Etch) packages and you use FEATURE(`smrsh’) then you must put the symlinks of the commands that you want smrsh to execute under /etc/mail/smrsh and not under /usr/lib/sm.bin . The Debian manpage is not particularly helpful on this.

From sendmail’s configuration README:

smrsh		Use the SendMail Restricted SHell (smrsh) provided
		with the distribution instead of /bin/sh for mailing
		to programs.  This improves the ability of the local
		system administrator to control what gets run via
		e-mail.  If an argument is provided it is used as the
		pathname to smrsh; otherwise, the path defined by
		confEBINDIR is used for the smrsh binary -- by default,
		/usr/libexec/smrsh is assumed.

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