sendmailX renamed to MeTA1

From Claus Assmann:

Here's the latest status update:

For various reasons, the software has been renamed to MeTA1.
The mailing lists will be renamed accordingly:

domain:	->
	smx-developers	-> MeTA1-developers
	smx-design	-> MeTA1-design

For now, I just copy all addresses from the old lists to the new
list. If you don't want to participate any longer, please contact
me directly.

As you probably noticed, I took some time off from working on the
MTA (only fixing bugs if a problem showed up), but now I'm back and
one of my current projects is to look into integrating Arena as
scripting language (see some earlier mails about this topic).

I will send out some more information "soon" on the new list,
hopefully you will adjust your filters by then.

More information about MeTA1 and the Arena scripting language.

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