Lessons to be learned

Big Sofo
Big Sofo

The two last games for Greece in the FIBA World Championship 2006 have taught two lessons for everybody who is part of (or manages1) a team (any kind of team):

  1. Greece vs USA (101 – 95). It is almost undeniable that on a one-on-one comparison Team USA’s players are better players2 than the Greeks. But does the sum of them make a better team than the sum of the Greeks? Nope! Hello Mr. LeBron James3! When your team is behind and there is no time to cover the 6 points, you do not go for a highlight dunk. You search for a free player to shoot a three pointer. The Greeks did it with the Aussies. You elected to dunk, the Greek fans thank you double times for that (a fine dunk, and us winning easier) but is this team play?
  2. Greece vs Spain (47 – 70). Just because a team has a high visibility member, that does not mean that the rest of the team exists only to pass the ball at him. Indeed in the Eurobasket 2005 final the Greek Dream played against Nowitzki (not the Germans) and maybe they thought that this was the case with Spain also. Alas, the final game proved that Spain was not the team of Gasol, but a very good team even with him on the bench. You must never underestimate an oppononent no matter how weak they may seem, for it may not be the case.

[1] There are managers that consider themselves members of the team, and there are others who do not. Shame on the later.
[2] With maybe the exception of Hinrich
[3] You cannot be the heir of Michael Jordan. You can be either better or worse. You decide.

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