Mulberry is back!

Κάποτε ήταν ο μόνος λόγος για να χρησιμοποιώ Windows:

Hi folks,
Finally, after much effort, I have regained the rights to Mulberry and am making it available for free as of today. See:


Some things to note:

1) It is free to anyone – no registration codes needed.

2) A new v4.0.5 version is available on the website. This simply removes the registration requirement and updates copyright notices etc.

3) There is no formal support for the product as there was before. Instead ‘community’ support via mailing lists and other resources will be used. I will make a best effort to respond in a timely fashion to issues, but see note (4) below.

4) This effort is purely a personal one on my part – all the work I do on this is being done in my (limited) spare time.

5) It is free but not open source. That’s an issue that we can discuss moving forward…

6) Also, major new features/revisions etc are out of the question right now (though I have a few pet projects that were being worked on before and which I will likely continue). Fixes to existing problems will be done as time allows. Hopefully if we find a way of dealing with issue (5) that may change – but that’s really going to depend on the level of interest from people willing to commit their own time to this as opposed to one of the other open source equivalents.

Hopefully those of you still using Mulberry and hoping to continue to do so for a while at least will find this good news.

Cyrus Daboo

Ίσως ο καλύτερος IMAP client που υπάρχει.-

2 thoughts on “Mulberry is back!

  1. Παίζει και usenet ή μόνο mail?Γιατι με τον thunderbird έχω μείνει απογοητευμένος…

  2. Μόνο αν ο newsmaster σου έχει υλοποιήσει την αντίστοιχη υπηρεσία πάνω από IMAP, πράγμα σπάνιο.

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