connect to a SMTP server via ssh

[ Originally this note was written in January 2004 in order to help dblab‘s users connect to the laboratory’s SMTP server while connected to the Internet via an ISP (from their home for example). At the time the University‘s NOC did not allow neither port 25/tcp nor port 587/tcp incoming connections. ]

  • Download plink.exe from (the PuTTY distribution site).
  • Open a DOS window and issue the command:
    C:\TEMP> plink -t -C -ssh -2 -L 25:lab.smtp.server:25 user@lab.smtp.server
  • For as long as the plink.exe shell is open, you can use localhost (IP address: as the outgoing email server for your mail client (be it Outlook, Eudora, Lookout Express, whatever).

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