Using Annoyance Filter

Annoyance Filter is an adaptive Bayesian junk email filter written by John Walker.

Training annoyance-filter on what is and what is not spam:

/usr/bin/annoyance-filter --mail ${MAIL} \
	--junk ${HOME}/Mail/spam \
	--prune \
	--write ${HOME}/.annoyance.dict

Note: The same command retrains annoyance-filter.

To use annoyance-filter with procmail edit your ${HOME}/.procmailrc:

| ${HOME}/bin/annoyance-filter-run
* ^X-Annoyance-Filter-Classification: Junk

The above recipe executes the script annoyance-run on incoming email.

# annoyance-run - Script to run annoyance-filter from .procmailrc

exec /usr/bin/annoyance-filter \
	--read ${HOME}/.annoyance.dict \
	--transcript - \
	--test -

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