Racket on the Mac

Since I’ve bought “Realm of Racket” I thought that I should install Racket on the Mac. The last time I seriously looked into it it was still called PLT-Scheme.

My first choice was to use a homebrew formula. Unfortunately this requires XQuartz and I did not feel like installing it too.

My second try was to compile it from the source. ../configure –disable-gracket && make worked, but make install failed. I really did not bother with why. I just wanted to install it and play around. This was not an installation for a lot of users after all.

So I got to download the precompiled Mac binary from the web site. 364M later it was all installed and happy.

Let’s see now if I’ll go through the book top to bottom…

PS: I remembered that I owned the eBook from this Ruby Rogues episode.