VMWare Fusion and Ubuntu

Ever since I got a Mac, I bought VMWare’s Fusion in order to be able to work with software that exists only in the Windows world. The really nice thing that good friend Moses pointed out yesterday, is that Fusion now supports easy installs for Ubuntu too! I had never took notice of that, since I run most of my VMs on VirtualBox.

I am an LXDE fan, so I first tried a Lubuntu install. It went fine, but it was not an Easy Install (in Fusion’s terminology). Then I went ahead and installed normal Ubuntu and afterwards (since I cannot do any real work with Unity) installed LXDE. The Easy Install went smooth and I did not need even need to consider keyboard configurations (something I had to do with Debian-LXDE and VirtualBox). I also changed the available RAM for the VM and now I have a machine that just works.

Oh the fun of using closed software in order to work easier with open source.

lxterminal settings on Debian LXDE

For sometime now, my main desktop has been Debian LXDE virtual machine. There is a problem with lxterminal though. Whenever I changed its settings they were not saved. It turns that this is a permission problem. You have to make sure of two things:

  • Directory ~/.config/lxterminal exists and is owned by you. You may find it owned by root. chown this.
  • File ~/.config/lxterminal/lxterminal.conf exists and it is owned by you. You may find that it does not exist. Create it using touch.